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Shrikhand Flavours
Shrikhand Flavours



Smooth creamy rich Shrikhand combined with the king of fruit sun ripened honey sweet Alphonso mango .Heavenly regal taste experience.

Just plain vanilla. Dreamy and rich, everyone’s favourite flavour, made with real vanilla pods. For that extra luxurious taste experience.

Strawberry Chocolate Orange

Fruity and sweet with berry goodness coupled with creamy shrikhand texture.For added decadence top with whipped cream, heaven in a cup.

Deep chocolate flavour combined with deep rich shrikhand with a subtle undercurrent of orange for an enhanced guilty pleasure.

Cardamom Saffron Cinnamon Apple

Traditionally eastern and exotic, tantalizing rich decadent shrikhand laced with exotic pure saffron and warming cardamom spice. A fine blend of amazing flavour and a truly transcendent taste experience.

Deep and homely warming flavour of pure cinnamon coupled with apple for an apple pie or tart with added creamy soft texture and taste.

Passion Fruit Coconut Carob  

Tease your taste buds with this slightly tart and sweet but not too sweet combination. For those with less of a sweet tooth and prefer a little more teasing of tartness than sweet flavour and at the same time the comfort of smooth and creamy shrikhand.

Tropical and slightly crunchy, rich smooth shrikhand mixed with dried coconut and carob powder for a chocolaty  extra creamy pine colada like dessert.


To play  it safe, traditional and like a blank canvass for you to experiment with different flavours and texture  great with pistachio or just to enjoy on its own.


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